mmarz is an online mix series by five music-lovin’ folks (including myself) based in los angeles, ca.
we put together hour-long mixes and release them every thursday.
They span across all sorts of genres and moods.

I conceptualized, designed, and assembled all the visual assets such as the logo, and an interchangeable cover template for our mixes. I also created the website

listen to my mixes here ↓

( ambient, hindustani, new age, celestial folk, minimal techno )

( folk, world, ambient, jazz, classical )

( krautrock, psych-funk, psych-rock, world, kosmische, prog-rock, psych-jazz, fusion )

(easy-listening, soul-jazz, lounge, funk, disco, psych-funk, brazilian)

(ambient, 4th world, experimental, world, classical, new wave)

(electronic, house, techno, acid)

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